Our highly specialized school for you.
Our professionalism awarded by the South Tyrolean Ski Association.
Our highly specialized school for you.
Our professionalism awarded by the South Tyrolean Ski Association.

To guarantee ski school quality, established and recognised standards of rating were introduced in 2005. Initially, ski schools were ranked according to a gold, silver, and bronze standard. In 2013/2014, the ranking was transformed into three, four and five “snow crystals.” These merits are awarded according to the offering and services provided by each school.

Although Ski School San Vigilio is not the only ski school in San Vigilio, it is the only ski school which has been awarded the highest standards of quality, and, therefore, is the most appropriate choice for you! Under the former system, Ski School San Vigilio received the golden award for its specialized day care service available to children 3 years of age and older. This service is still provided to all children, enrolled in half-day or full day ski lessons, and is guaranteed from Monday to Friday. It also includes the possibility of having a complete and nutritious lunch at our facility.

According to the new classification system, our ski school has been awarded "4 crystals". However, we are not content with this respectable ranking and are in the process of enhancing the number and quality of our services to increase our rating. In fact, most of the requirements we need to obtain the 5th snow crystal have already been satisfied. Ski and Snowboard School San Vigilio is committed to acquiring the 5th snow crystal by the season 2018-2019.

Regardless of whether a ski school has been awarded three, four, or five snow crystals, the threshold of quality is high. All schools which teach skiing, snowboarding and cross- country skiing must demonstrate that they meet specific criteria, and these criteria are reviewed by the Provincial Council of Ski Instructors.


Every ski school must meet the following criteria:

• At least 65% of the ski, snowboard and cross-country instructors must have completed the highest level of training established by the Provincial Council of Ski Instructors, and each instructor must be members of that organization.

• Lessons must be available in the Italian, German, and English.

• There must be at least one ski school office and its opening hours must correspond with the seasonal operating hours of the ski lifts.

• All of the teachers must wear the same ski uniform, which must visibly display the name of the ski school.

• There must be established meeting points and a training slope.

• The school must be insured against civil liability.

• Courses must be offered to children, and there must be a safe area dedicated to teaching children, equipped with treadmills or lifts that accommodate children.

• At least one instructor must specialize in teaching children.

In addition to these mandatory criteria, a ski school with three snow crystals must offer most of these amenities:

• Offer group ski lessons consisting of no more than ten people.

• Have a day care and entertainment program for children.

• Utilize didactical supporting tools when teaching children.

• Offer children's courses that last either a half-day or a full day.

• Organise a final competition at the end of the course.

• Provide children's entertainment outside of scheduled courses.

• Distribute name tags, certificates and medals to children.

• Have a mascot who tells stories and distributes souvenirs and/or prizes.

• Offer additional programs to private lessons and courses.

• Have multilingual brochures and a website.

• Have a multilingual staff who attends regular refresher training courses.

• Have developed company regulations and internal statutes and guidelines.

• Confirm reservations in writing, and customer requests made by mail must be processed within two business days.

• Monitor and manage customer satisfaction.

• Have a coloured logo incorporating fonts, forms, and a clearly legible name.

• Implement promotional, marketing, and public relations measures.


A ski school receives a certificate of merit of four snow crystals when they meet all of the above requirements, and it equally offers most of these amenities:

• Group courses contain no more than six people.

• Children under three years of age can be accommodated, which include a day care centre and a special lunch menu served indoors.

• At least two teachers must specialize in teaching children.

• There is a baby lift, and/or a ski lift/conveyor belt specifically designed for children.

• Full day courses can accommodate lunch upon request.

• Employees and instructors at the day care attend regular refresher training courses.

• In addition to standard refresher training courses, ski teachers attend alternative training and specialization courses.

• The ski instructors are highly specialized: telemark, freeride, freestyle.

• There are a wide range of public events.

• A program of activities is organized for local residents.

• The school can provide day tours or a ski safari.

• Courses other than Alpine skiing are offered, including snowboard and cross-country ski lessons.

• Videos recordings of lessons are offered.

• Customers with special needs can be accommodated.

• Programs for promoting the sport of skiing exist.

• Safety courses are organized.

• There are weekly programs which include courses and entertainment.

• Snowshoeing courses or tours are offered.

• The ski school collaborates with other professionals, including mountain guides, hiking guides, and so forth.

• At least 30% of the instructors speak English.

• The ski school can be contacted all year round.


Once it achieves 4 crystals, a ski school can aspire to earn five snow crystals if it offers most of these elite services:

• There are numerous teachers that specialize in teaching children.

• The facility can care for children younger than eighteen months old.

• Freeride, freestyle, and racing techniques can be taught.

• There is a snow park and a safety park.

• Lessons can be held in alternative languages, including Russian, Slovak or Dutch.

• Storage space for skis is available.

• Restrooms are located in the vicinity of the training camp.

• The school is open year round and provides summer activities including guided mountain bike or electric bike tours, walks with experienced guides, high rope parks, rafting, archery, etc.

• Customers are offered supplementary insurance against accidents.

• The school website publishes the qualifications of individual ski instructors.

• There is a photo service on offer.

• There is a proposed fitness program.

• Ski teachers are guaranteed to be available, in principle.

• Taxi service with minibus, shuttles or similar can be provided, upon request.