From snowplough to race training, we teach you everything.
Lessons for all ages and levels on the Plan de Corones.
The experience of our qualified instructors at your disposal.

About us

About us

We are proud of our team of 65 professionals who are ready to help you to learn or refine winter sports techniques in the disciplines of skiing, snowboarding, telemark skiing, cross-country skiing and ski touring. Our ski teachers not only provide individualized service to meet your needs, but also

convey their passion for these disciplines while introducing you to the breath-taking scenery in which they are practiced. Depending on your discipline of choice, you will learn on one of the slopes or tracks most suitable to your ability that are available in the Kronplatz ski area. Customers can downhill through the splendid valley of San Vigilio; make a cross-country ski trip in the UNESCO natural park of Fanes Sennes and Braies in the Dolomites; or snowboard in Kronplatz Snow Park.

Kinderland - Day Care

Kinderland - Day Care

For children, we have created "Kinderland" (a park specifically equipped for hosting children’s ski lessons), where they can learn to ski while having fun and playing.

Kinderland offers your children the opportunity to attend a course tailored to their needs, to have lunch in our facility, and to enjoy an afternoon of group games and recreational activities with other children.



Don't have the necessary equipment, or do you need assistance with your own? Our "Snow Shop" offers complete service, a wide range of equipment, and clients of our ski school are eligible for discounts. Our staff is ready to assist you with all your needs.

Ski and Snowboard School San Vigilio has a rental shop. It offers all of the equipment and accessories for:

  • skiing,
  • snowboarding,
  • telemark skiing,
  • sledding,
  • bobsledding,
  • and snowshoeing,
  • ski clothing
  • and we also offer protective gear including:
    • helmets,
    • wrist guards,
    • turtles,
    • knee pads, etc., to ensure your safety during your winter holiday.

The equipment we rent and sell includes the latest and is optimally maintained.
Our experienced team professionally service skis and snowboards, and can wax skis and snowboards or sharpen edges to perfection utilizing the latest machines and techniques.
We likewise offer these services for privately owned equipment.
When renting from us, you will benefit from our offers for families and customers of Ski School San Vigilio.
In addition, our experienced team, which includes ski instructors, are able to offer personal advice when choosing the type of equipment best suited to your needs.
Our rental shop offers a wide selection of equipment from the most prestigious brands: Nordic, Rossignol, Atomic, Head, Elan, and Salomon.

Our and your school will make your holiday unforgettable, come visit us during your skiing holiday in Dolomiti Superski!


Ski and Snowboard School San Vigilio di Marebbe has a long tradition. It was the first ski school in the area of Plan de Corones / Kronplatz. Since its founding in 1936, the school has significantly contributed to the development of winter tourism in San Vigilio di Marebbe, which is now one of the most famous ski resorts in the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage site. While many things have changed over the decades, one thing that has remained is the pleasure tourists get from skiing in the area. 

In the 1930s, ski instructors taught skiing techniques on unprepared slopes and there were no ski lifts available. 


The most seasoned instructors remember: "It was a fundamental prerequisite to master the technique of snowplowing to be able to ski down the steep grades, which, at the time, were not groomed." In addition to teaching, ski instructors also performed other tasks. For example, the slopes were groomed by San Vigilio di Marebbe ski teachers, either by skiing or by managing special snow rollers while wearing skis. Ski instructors likewise drew attention to the beautiful landscape of the Dolomites and of the magnificent Marebbe valley, which has drawn holiday-makers for decades.


While the dedication of our staff has not changed, the conditions, facilities, and the teaching techniques available nowadays have obviously changed since the 1930s. To illustrate, ski equipment has evolved. Initially, skis were simple, often homemade, long wooden planks without edges. These were gradually replaced by increasingly modern designs made of metal. More recently, synthetic fibres have been introduced which greatly improve performance. These changes have required our instructors to remain up-to-date with equipment and techniques to ensure they could offer cutting-edge lessons to our guests.

The ski industry in San Vigilio suffered during the post-war period of the 1940s, and it took several years to revive the ski school. During the 1950s, the concept of vacationing underwent changes, as did skiing techniques and teaching methods, which mean that our school had to adapt. At the same time, other technological advances were also affecting the ski tourism sector in the area as ski lifts were introduced. The first ski lift, a cable car from San Vigilio di Marebbe to Giogo (Piz de Plaies), was built in 1962. This lift was followed by others. In 1967, the first “point card” Lift Pass was introduced. In 1969, the “point card” was replaced by the electronic Lift Pass. The electronic Pass allowed access to multiple lifts with a single card, significantly extending the offers available to tourists. This combination of changes meant that more and more people were taking skiing holidays. 
In 1970, the first snow grooming machine used for preparing the slopes was purchased. Later that decade, artificial snow cannon systems were introduced. These machines were necessary to ensure that visitors could ski even when the natural weather conditions would not permit. Thanks to artificial snow cannons, the ski season could also be extended. Now, our ski school could provide lessons on groomed slopes, even if there was a limited amount of natural snow available.

For 80 years, our professional team of instructors have continued to teach utilizing cutting edge techniques and equipment. While some of the names have changed, our instructors still take pleasure in sharing their knowledge with guests. They individualize their techniques to meet personal needs, ensuring that clients improve and perfect their skills through lessons taught on slopes suitable to ability.